Teri Ton is a nature photographer who travels worldwide capturing landscapes with an eye toward a unique perspective not easily captured by the ordinary traveler. 

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Growing up I have always enjoyed traveling, spending time outdoors and observing nature. Over the years, I enjoyed spending time alone in the garden, taking walks in the woods, strolling along the seashore and watching the season change.

In 2007, with encouragement from a friend Tin Nguyen, I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D40.  It was a year of self reflection and realizing I had not done much to enhance my personal growth.  First few pics were of flowers in the garden, fall foliage in Canada and a trip to Vietnam. On weekends, I enjoy taking a drive to Rockport, MA, Lincoln, NH, the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, and just about anywhere to get a change in scenery. In recent years, I received encouragement and support from Andrea Seward; a portrait photographer whom I admired greatly, who helped me shape my craft.

Photography soon became my favorite hobby and passion.  It has allowed me to be spontaneous and given me the creative outlet much needed away from work. Regardless of what the weather brings, I am most happy when I have a camera in hand.  

I find beauty in almost everything I see.  I take pictures of things that trigger  an emotional or visual effect. My favorite pictures are those taken from the heart, when I feel an emotional connection to the object, subject or scene. Through my passion of photography, I continue to grow, learn, explore the world via a different angle.

Teri Ton

Teri Ton

Photo: Andrea Seward Habakkuk Media Photography